Rittenhouse Family In Dire Straits

No. You're stupid. There’s no hope for you. You’re always going to be stupid.
Awwww, look at the fake conservative lie, and insult. Just like his fellow progressives.
Rittenhouse is a dip shit and he was raised by dip shits.

All we hope for is that he doesn’t increase the Rittenhouse gene pool. There’s probably no one out there for him, so I think we’re safe there.
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I mean, I'm not gonna lie, how many times does one have to be PROVEN a liar before they feel embarrassed? Every 'point' you've made in this thread has been proven to be a lie, but yet here you still are, pretending that you're the righteous party. It WOULD be funny if it weren't so comically sad...
Yes, by his admission he drove to the riot after it started. He said that he now knows it was not a good idea. You dip shit.

I literally showed you pictures taken by a news organization showing Kyle IN Kenosha BEFORE the riots starting, ON THE DAY OF THE RIOTS/SHOOTINGS. Dude, you're either 8 years old, or you're mentally incapable of thinking for yourself. My guess is some combination of the two to be honest...
Dip shit.

Literally ALL your other liberal buddies have forsaken you in this thread, most likely embarrassed for how easily their lies have been proven to be just that. Yet, here you are, apparently oblivious to how idiotic your stance is in the grand scheme of things. So I guess, keep whining away so that we can just keep showing facts after facts after facts that rebut your incessant lies. As long as you have no shame, then we have no problem pointing out your constant lies...
The mother and sister of Kyle Rittenhouse are asking for money so they don't get evicted from their apartment. Supposedly Kyle won't help out.

"According to Faith Rittenhouse, her brother, who has been touring the country giving speeches with the support of Turning Point USA, has refused to help out his sibling and mother"

"With my brother's unwillingness to provide support or contribute to our family, we've been left to navigate this journey on our own," while pointing out that medical issues have waylaid her from being able to keep a job"

One hell of a kid you raised, Ms. Rittenhouse.

Kyles upbringing is just what you would expect.
Obamas half brother is not the thread topic. And if I was Obama and my brother did what he did, I wouldn't help him either.
Agreed wirh is anyone expecting this kid to pay his sister’s rent? It’s not like he’s refusing to acknowledge his grandchild, that would make him a real bastard like xiden

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