Rittenhouse Family In Dire Straits

I think it was stupid of him to travel to another state to the site of an active riot

I also think he had the right to defend himself when attacked

Both things can be true
As opposed two the two scumbags he killed? It's a shame the other survived.

Nah, not at all. His testimony at the trial essentially confirmed that Kyle was acting in self-defense. He might as well have been called by the defense... Not that any of the Libidiots here followed the trial which is becoming increasingly apparent.
That police can still shoot black people with impunity, to start with.

That's because the demonstrators didn't kill anyone. Rittenhouse did. If fact, if he hadn't fired into a crowd like a maniac, the Kenosha riots would have been memory-holed by now.

Fired into what 'crowd?' Rittenhouse actually showed alarmingly sharp trigger discipline given the situation he was in, being attacked by three miscreants looking for trouble, who of course are now being defended by you and your ilk. Including the Kid Diddler of course...
you are a liar he DID work in kenosha


He had worked as a lifeguard in Kenosha, was part of a police explorer program and knew CPR and basic life support, according to his testimony.
He created his own situation. He went to the riot. It didn’t come to him. He even acknowledged during his trial that he made the wrong decision going there.

He went to the riot? How do you explain these pics of Kyle BEFORE the night of the shootings, helping to 'clean' the city after the MOSTLY PEACEFUL protests the night before? Seems to me like he was trying to help protect, what HE considered to be, his COMMUNITY. With that understanding, his presence in Kenosha, before and even during the protest, makes complete logical sense.

When the riot started he was at home miles away. He was not at work.

Wrong again. Geez, you really should have just stayed out of this thread. But I'm actually glad you're here, hopefully you'll learn a thing or... well, many things.

The suspected teen shooter who killed two Kenosha protesters and injured a third Tuesday night was photographed cleaning graffiti in the city just hours before the violence.
Wrong, actually. He was illegally there after curfew.

But the police had delegated a white nationalist militia to do their jobs that night.

Then the Gravy Seals delegated their dirty work to a child.


That was an attack, not self defense.

He went looking for some to shoot.

This is a fact.

He literally ONLY shot at people threatening him, attacking him, and pointing their guns at him. You have no idea what the word 'FACT' even means, this much is obvious.
With an illegally obtained rifle and bloodlust.

Lie detected. Why are you lying???

Myth: Kyle Rittenhouse possessed the weapon illegally

Rittenhouse and his friend, Dominick Black, testified that Black, who was 18 at the time, used Rittenhouse's money to purchase the weapon at a Wisconsin hardware store in May 2020. The two reportedly agreed that Black would keep the gun until Rittenhouse turned 18 in January 2021, according to court testimony.

Black is now being prosecuted for participating in the illegal straw purchase of the weapon on behalf of Rittenhouse. But Rittenhouse's possession of the firearm at the time was technically legal.

Earlier this week, Judge Bruce Schroeder threw out a count of possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18 after Rittenhouse's defense argued the rifle was not short-barreled, capitalizing on an exception to the Wisconsin statute involving the barrel length of a gun.
Not quite enough. Lesson learned. He should have shot right away and exposed Kyle's brain to the night air.

Really, they should have separated Kyle from his heartbeat earlier in the night, when he was pointing his rifle at people.

Again, lesson learned.

In his testimony, Rittenhouse indicated he knew Rosenbaum was unarmed when the man ran toward him and admitted he pointed the gun at Rosenbaum to deter him. Rittenhouse noted he was aware pointing a rifle at someone is dangerous.

"He was chasing me, I was alone, he threatened to kill me earlier that night. I didn't want to have to shoot him," Rittenhouse testified. "I pointed it at him because he kept running at me, and I didn't want him to chase me."

Rittenhouse said he feared Rosenbaum -- who did not touch him -- would take his gun and kill people.

A series of witnesses testified Rosenbaum had acted erratically that night and earlier threatened Rittenhouse.

Based on the testimony, Kyle ONLY pointed his gun at the person who had earlier threatened him and whom was literally chasing him at the time.
Most of the crowd went home before dark and obeyed the curfew. The vandals and looters.... trouble-makers stayed. Among them Bugaloo Bois, Oathkeepers, QAnon... Proud Boys.

Yes, the Kid Diddler Rosenbaum was a PROUD BOY!?! Geezus, please don't mistake the other side of the aisle as being as ignorant as your side is...
Like others on the racist right, Rittenhouse saw black Americans engaged in lawful protest; motivated by racism, Rittenhouse traveled to another state with the intent and hope of killing black Americans engaged in lawful protest, hiding behind the façade of ‘self-defense.’

Completely detached from reality this Coward is...

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