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Riots in France publicity, manipulation ? Watch the video


Apr 1, 2007
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Tuesday, Gare du Nord was the theater of "violence".
It seems that the police created on purpose "riots" and the media helped to change this idea. Since this event, a lot of people are convinced that the media have manipulated the audience. Those "riots" are seen like the last attempt to do some publicity before the french election. A channel like "TF1" changed everything telling lies with a subtle editing and racist comment. And guess who they have interviewed : Sarkozy who said terrible and shameful things.
Since those events, a young man have been sentenced to nine months of jail for having thrown a snicker on a police officer. :confused:
And since Sarkozy has called Ségolène Royal and François Bayrou "the ones who are from the side of the fraudulent". :rolleyes: :cuckoo:

This video has been running only on the net and shows what really happened. In fact some newspapers and websites have talked about it because it's astonishing how media can change everything.

Watch the video and tell what you think :


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