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Rightwing Tabloid Mogul Rupert Murdoch's Rise & Fall


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Aug 26, 2011
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Fresh evidence this week that the Department of Justice continues to dig into Rupert Murdoch’s business dealings here and abroad: U.S. investigators reportedly delivered a letter to News Corp. attorneys “requesting information on alleged payments employees made to U.K. police for tips,” according to Blooomberg.

“Up to a dozen News International executives, including Rebekah Brooks, were told in 2006 that the Metropolitan Police had evidence that more than one News of the World journalist was implicated in the phone-hacking scandal.” The claim, published in The Independent, directly contradicts News Corp.’s long-held public denial that until 2008, nobody inside the company had credible evidence that phone hacking at Murdoch’s tabloid, News Of The World, extended beyond a single rogue employee.

All in all, events of the last week have provided Murdoch with a grim reminder of just how a daunting task he faces in terms of trying to salvage News Corp.’s reputation, and of ever putting the current sandal behind him. Indeed, the company is currently facing three police investigations in Britain as well as an ongoing Parliamentary probe, in addition to the DOJ inquiry.

More here: With Phone-Hacking Cover-up Unraveling, News Corp. Faces More Legal Questions In U.S. | Media Matters for America

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