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Republican senator assaults man, grabs and steals phone - video


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May 8, 2017
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Video: Senator snatches cell phone from college student asking question in Georgia

Georgia senator seen grabbing student's phone amid question about voter ID law

And now senator Purdue is saying that he took the film because he thought the guy Wanted a selfie.
How these right wing slime balls lie.

You could see what’s going on in the video. The senator attacked the guy grabbing his phone and then walked away with it while the guy was saying give me back my phone.

And all because people asked him a question about voter suppression in Georgia.

Republicans are so bold that right out in the open they steal an election. These people are just thieves, they steal from the American middle-class. They steal from the country. They just steal. They have no morals. Just look at their leaders.

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