Republican Establishment Not Trump To Blame For No Red Wave!

I did not read the entire OP. Too many wrong assumptions in the first three chapters.

The only reason the GOP did not do better is because there is the McConnel/RINO/Bush elite fighting to keep power. They fight against the Trump MAGA conservatives who are taking over.

And let us not forget that we are fighting an uphill battle on the side of a mountain against the onslaught of powerful politicians, powerful media, television, newspapers, and internet giants.
The three Micks of the etablishment GOP not only threw the fight, they fueled the campaigns of democrats.
Lefties need to put their own house in order before they criticize republicans for winning the majority in congress. If you look at it rationally it's a wonder that republicans win any elections with the media acting as the propaganda arm of the democrat party.
The GOP has won more elections than not for the last 40 years, and still everything gets worse.

They've been controlled opposition since at least Eisenhower.
Current shortages here: Canned cat food, canned energy drinks, anything that comes in an aluminum can, cream cheese, diesel fuel, breakfast cereal, insulin, and smaller selections of other products like paper towels, napkins, paper plates, cleaning supplies, bleach. Fresh fruits and vegetables are whatever the Walmart Supercenter has on stock at the time. Availability of other things vary from week to week. There have also been several small manufacturing companies that have gone out of business over the last year in town, and many companies are having trouble hiring people. There also seems to be a decrease in quality control in many products. This is the new normal under Biden, I don't remember this ever happening when Trump was President.

I drove for all 4 years of Trumps presidency. We had so much freight we couldn't keep up. We had trailers on the yard slammed full of stuff waiting for a driver to deliver them. Now we are in a freight recession. They can find me a load here and there, but I gave them 2 weeks to get me home on a particular day and they failed by 2 days. For the first time since I started driving for them. They had nothing coming back to Louisiana from where I was that delivered anywhere near my day of requested hometime. I would average maybe 25 miles of deadhead (driving an empty trailer to a location for a pickup) with each load. Last week I drove over 300 miles empty to pick up a load and that trip was only 300 miles loaded. It's REALLY bad out there right now.

Not to mention diesel was under 2 dollars a gallon. Now we are excited if we find it for 5 dollars a gallon. Freight rates were less than 2 dollars a mile, now they are over 3.50 a mile. This is why everything you buy has gone up so much. The price of gas is irrelevant. It's diesel that's eating your lunch.

The economy is producing low paying jobs as consumer savings are at an all time record low and consumer debt at an all time high. They might have a job, but it's not paying the bills. They're not buying houses, not saving money. They're running paycheck to paycheck.

Leftists are WAY TOO STUPID to look past "jobs numbers." A "job" as a door greeter is the same as a job as a lawyer to them. Well, they're not the same. Not to mention more people are dropping out of the workforce now than in years past.

The economy is incredibly bleak right now. We are on the verge of a massive recession. I'm telling you, I see it coming.
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The truth of the matter is that the lion's share of blame goes to the Republican establishment for this outcome.
They are partially to blame for sure but you are missing the major reason. Democrats have hatched a new scheme, purchasing votes with taxpayer money. That's how McConnell lost the senate in GA in 2020. Biden blatantly offered Georgians $2,000 gift checks to vote Dem. Then in this midterm election incredibly Biden offered people bribes of $10,000 to $20,000 in student loan forgiveness, $500 billion dollars worth to vote Dem. Warnock just ran all over the state of GA promising the $10,000 to $20,000 for votes in the GA run off, squeaking out a 0.081% victory.

These are not social programs, these are blatant bribes offered directly to individuals for their vote. Democrats offering millions of voters BRIBES for their votes is the new Dem scheme!

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