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Dec 7, 2014
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My teacher asked me what the differences are in the priorities between different levels of police forces and law enforcement agencies.

I wrote down this.

This is the UN and Nato, This is the world's premier international law enforcement agencies.
These enforce international law, with very high priorities.

The priorities of these law enforcement agencies are thousands of people dying of disease and hunger, politicians who think their name is Adolf Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo and follow in the same footsteps, i.e. Genocide, promoting inequality, apartheid and political oppression, etc etc etc...

This is the worst police force in all legal and tactical antiquity when it comes to helping you on a personal level.

They wouldn't even pick up the phone unless you're the president.

This level of police has all different kinds of names depending on the country and the structure of the government for any particular country.

This level deals primarily with illegal immigration, the trafficking of humans, weapons, contraband and drugs into their country.
It also deals with illegal slavery, the most common form is sex slavery.
And it deals with threats towards their government from civilian bodies.
And internet crimes, million dollar bank robbers, and art thieves, jewelery crooks, etc etc...

This is the worst police force within any particular country when you need the police.

This level of police deals primarily with crimes committed along highways, and they enforce traffic safety laws, issue or deny driver's licenses...
They are also involved with the state level tactical support of city police.

This level would help you on a wider variety of issues than the federal, but it isn't ideal.

This level of police deals with the vast majority of Violent, Non Violent, and Property crimes and disturbances and nuisances.

This is the level of police that is designed to deal with problems that YOU have, on a personal level... however the priorities of Urban city police are Murders, Rapes, Robberies, Home invasion, Gang attacks and Gang activity and behavior... and traffic accidents and disasters.

Its not an ideal police force for most of the average person's dilemmas like harassment and bullying, simple theft, simple assault, etc etc etc...


This level of police deals primarily with Harassment, Bullying, assault, theft, burglary of both homes and businesses, abuse, and vandalism.
Because of the absence of greater crimes in the suburbs.

This is the best police force that you can be dealing with to solve problems that you have.
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