President Trump addresses the election fraud, takes questions from 'reporters'.


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Aug 11, 2017
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Are there any real reporters anymore ?

President Trump said Thursday that he would leave office if the Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden, but also alleged “massive fraud” in the vote count and promised to keep up with his legal fight.

He looks crazy. He also sounds and acts crazy. He repeats himself over and over again as if he thinks repetition will make his evidence-free charges more believable.

However, let me take a different tack.

How is it that state and county election officials all across America did not witness any kind of widespread fraud, and the workers were monitored and even filmed and live-streamed while poll watchers looked on and nobody noticed anything out of the ordinary. However, Trump, who wasn't present in any of the polling places where ballots were counted, manages to "discover" some elaborate and massive voter fraud conspiracy without providing any evidence, and people take it seriously?

Is this what America has sunk to at the dawn of the third millennium A.D.?

People talk about the rule of law, but I think they frequently miss the point of what it means. It's not about passing more and more laws just for the sake of having laws that can then be used to charge people with violating those laws. It exists, unlike in many other countries, so we can feel that prosecutions and convictions are going to be based on the law, and evidence, and the rules of evidence, and our courts will make sure that's exactly the way the justice systems works, despite whatever flaws make exist in the system. This is opposed to other countries like Russia, where you can be prosecuted just because someone like Putin wants to take what's yours or he wants to eliminate you as a perceived threat to what he almost certainly sees as the continuation of his lifetime in power (21 years now, and counting).

Are we supposed to give up our hard fought American legacy of the 231 year old US Constitution simply to satiate the fragile ego of one egomaniacal man? I say no, and so did 80 million of my fellow citizens.
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