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CDZ Poverty, what it is between a capitalist society and socialist/communistic society.

Mr. Friscus

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Dec 28, 2020
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I disagree with your assertion of no one wants to get any ground.

President Obama offered republics to find common ground. It wasn't accepted.

President Biden has offered to work with republics pols and they have refused.

That's funny.

Obama and now Biden have not desired nor tried to work with Republicans whatsoever.

And they're not required to technically. But, Obama crammed and snuck legislation in through the dead of night, and Biden is busy blaming every single republican for January 6th and calling them all racists.

However, it was Obama that mainstreamed identity politics. He started this by calling anyone who disagreed with him racist. Then, the media supported him because they get weak in the knees and pleasure themselves to the Democrat agenda.

Trump was the clear reaction to half the nation being nonstop branded as horrible things for 8 years by the Democrats and the media. No, you don't have to be some racist monster to disagree with Democrats, you can disagree with their flawed policies. It's those who look at skin color first who are the racists, and those who do that today proudly are the Critical Race Theory, BLM leftists.

Democrats started slavery, Democrats created Jim Crow and opposed the Civil Rights Act, and now Democrats are seeking vengance against the white race, clearly. That party has a racist uprising every 30-40 years.

sartre play

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May 4, 2015
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True that we have encouraged our younger people to get college degrees more in the last 20 or more years than ever before. Why? because we make or grow less than ever, go to the grocery store see how much produce comes from Mexico, check the shelf's see how much stuff comes from China. Capitalism always seeks out the country's where they can get the most labor for the least cost. Over the years are government has voted down any increase in mim wage, We are not investing in our infrastructure, China is not our friend, they are making nice in places they have no control yet. and killing places like Hong Kong. The answer is not in a divided isolationist nation.


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Mar 8, 2018
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I wrote this in another thread, but decided it needs it's own.


In Socialism/Communism
, poverty is a state of existence at birth. You are either born in poverty, where you will stay. Or you are born among the elite, where you will stay. Examples of this fact, exist throughout history, all over the globe.

In a capitalist society, poverty is really two different states:
1) A temporary, escape-able condition (such as a business closure) or
2) A result of non participation in opportunities afforded to you.
generalizations never work.

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