Pope Calls For Civil Unions For Same-Sex Couples, In Major Departure From Vatican Doctrine


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Apr 20, 2017
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God does not approve
How arrogant of you to pretend that you know the mind of an omnipotent, unseen Supreme Being.
If you read the Bible you can. He lays it out in black and white. Unless you are a child of satan.
I don't think that the Supreme Being actually wrote the bible or any other sacred text in any religion. This "child of satan" stuff is just nutty.

You are right.

No supreme being wrote the Bible or any other spiritual documents.

There is a reason why the Bible has the "book of" John, Mark, Luke etc. Those words are the words of the person who wrote it, John, Mark, Luke etc.
I think maybe I am wrong here.


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Oct 11, 2017
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I really don't care...gay people can do whatever they want now a days.. just like everyone else.

Just wish they'd STFU about it. We know, we know..you are gay..sheesh.. :uhoh3:

Remember when what people did in their sex lives was a private affair?

Yeah, it stayed in the bedroom..and someone's sexuality wasn't a badge of honor to be thrown in everyone's face constantly.

Gay people..no one cares. Be gay as you want.. just do so in a respectable manner.
Who is throwing sexuality in any body's face? Nobody has to hide. I don't think that LGBTs are any more "in your face" than the straights. Shoot. When you see a heterosexual couple and the woman's belly is out to there, we know what they did. Right? When you are out and about with your partner, we know what happens when the lights go out. What is it that you expect from LGBT people?

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