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SAYS A liberal minded Democrat ? Rotflmbo... Why is it that you people hate a man so much so, that even though he's done nothing but use common sense business practices on how to MAGA the country for "everyone", yet it is still not enough that you still hate him so ???

So the liberal minded Democrat's choose a man that they know damned good and well is 100 times worse than any Trump character could be, and especially when it comes to leading the country out of many self inflicted messes that were caused by the idiot's over time, and yet it is your position being taken also to hate Trump for an agenda ??????

Was it the beauty pagent that sparked it all (the one that Trump owned), otherwise when the contestant running said (after being asked by a militant panel judge the question), "should marriage be between a man and a woman"(?), and she responded "yes she believed that marriage should be between a man and a woman".. This then infuriated the militant panel judge who relentlessly attacked afterwards.

Ok so the current government and media are heavily leftist leaning, and the liberal minded family is left leaning also, so is this who gives the left it's power and security for the leftist agenda ?? Is this who is working against Trump in a militant way, and therefore they are engaged in unending triangular warfare in this country over the one single issue ??? People need to understand what's driving the hate before solutions can be obtained or dealt with constructively.
Dumber than fuck..... DEI fail

What did you expect, hell she can't define a women or what one is.. lol

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