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Jun 19, 2009
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1)Cages built by Dem administration through failed Dem imigration policies,
2)Environment issue once again through poor Dem policies focused on helping Opec and failing to create an electric charge service infrastructure and extended self charging technology for cars and trucks, which caused people to reject electric cars.
3)Dem run city and Police precinct with Dem media creating a racial incident out of a selective police procedural incident and caused prejudice against police that caused more issues for the community then it solved=dem created collapse of community with irrational incitement instead of rational solution. =major major dem blunder there that infected many more ignorantly and incompetent run Dem cities.
4)Dems hid and censored and attacked all methods of preventing Hospital stays for covid patients, just to be able to blame opposition on deaths and use it for mail in ballots.

In conclusion, that cartoon was a reminder during this mideterm vote wisely, vote out the failed Dem Policies. Remember, the environment improved under Trump, and is back getting worse under Biden. :)
But we all know the global warming schtick is another big money corruption scheme by the left.
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