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Daryl Hunt

Your Worst Nightmare
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Oct 22, 2014
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O.D. (Stands for Out Dere
"Sick of" in the psychological sense, of course. His little 6 ft (2 m) bubble perfectly demonstrates how ridiculous the social distancing guidelines are.

Not only do you inconvenience others, but you can't possibly function yourself in crowded areas or narrow walkways. It's nonsense.

PS: I read today that VA governor, Northam, and his wife tested positive for COVID. He has no symptoms, while his wife has mild ones.
Tell you what, you just run up to her and give her a big juicy kiss on the mouth. Hell, slip her the tongue while you are at it.
No thank you. I am happily married for a very long time. That's what us Conservatives do. We make commitments and promises that we keep, and we raise respectable families.

Not afraid of COVID here. We all already had it in February. We're still here.
Where is your adventurism? Never has a chance to prove you right ever come to pass like that. Besides, you may enjoy the beating from his Body Guards as well. Make a Man out of you. And gives the rest of us a funny clip to watch. Now, stop being a pussy and pucker up.

Jim H - VA USA

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Sep 19, 2020
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And now we are the leading producer of energy in the world, and we even export oil to China. Incredible turnaround. Other presidents decided to tap into the national strategic oil reserve when we relied upon foreign countries so heavily.

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