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Patriarch of Jerusalem interview; "Hamas protect Us"


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Sep 30, 2009
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The Middle East Peace Process: Patriarch Michel Sabbah's View - February 2002 Issue of St. Anthony Messenger Magazine Online

THIRTEEN YEARS AGO, from the pages of this magazine, Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah issued a plea to U.S. Catholics concerning the plight of Holy Land Christians: "Please hurry. Our fate is here and the solution to our problem is in the United States. If the United States decides to solve the problem, it will be solved. If it does not decide, it will not be solved."

Precious little has changed in the ensuing years, although there have been intermittent peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. The Holy Land remains, for many, a place of nightmares, a world of two peoples drowning in an undertow created by the circular nature of their accusations against each other.

Patriarch Sabbah stands in the middle of the melee calling for justice. A man of very small stature—he is barely five feet tall—the patriarch possesses a great moral strength that he uses in his mission to free the people held

This is the latest interview of patriarch Michel Sabbah
...very interesting

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