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Sep 28, 2018
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Walker County, TX
I’m at something of a loss relative to an issue at work. I work in an engineering-related department of a large electric utility company. We’re a Unionized department of 10 employees. 8 of us inOver a trio of Technician Classifications, and 2 in the more bureaucracy-related Senior role.

Each of us 8 techs covers the work for a specific geographic region. I’ve worked 4 of the regions over time, but have spent probably 16 of my 19 years covering Central. I keep my area as up to date as possible. Not everyone else does the same. Which brings us to my problem...

I am constantly inheriting incomplete or untouched work from other districts because I’m caught up and other people aren’t. I don’t mind helping out occasionally, but this is a constant issue and the work I tend to inherit is generally the most unpleasant work in those areas.

The Company has the right to assign work, so I can’t refuse the work and the Union can’t file a grievance. I’ve talked to our Supervisor, who I really like, about it numerous times. He’s always telling me how much he appreciates me picking up the slack, teaching other Techs better ways to do their jobs, and keeping my area clean. That’s great but it doesn’t help my stress level over having to clean up other people’s messes.
Yes I do. Tell your supervisor to make you a job title with higher pay since you are doing the equivalent of two. He can't argue against how your fine work and loyalty deserves it. :WooHooSmileyWave-vi:


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Aug 26, 2017
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I was in a similar position years ago when I worked in several corporate environments. I found out quickly that employees who excel but don't play the "corporate game" but go good work and enjoy their job are usually assigned most of the work but don't necessarily get paid accordingly.
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Sep 4, 2012
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How much longer until you retire? Six years? It sounds like you have to move up to a higher position, retire, or find another place to work. Is there any job within the company you can transfer to?
Whst is this “retire” you talk about. They’re gonna carry me out feet-first. I’m only 46 anyway. Good pension - at 65.

I’m essentially topped out in the Department. Senior Tech is a bid (not progression) job, and I’ve d as breadth told them I don’t want it when the next guy retires in 2/3 years. I’m a worker not a bureaucrat; and that job is almost totally bureaucracy and analysis.

Not likely to find anywhere with the salary and benefits with my limited education (A of S in CADD). Anywhere I go in the Union, I lose Seniority and pay. Management, I cap my pension.

So I’m essentially stuck.
Suck it up.

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