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Oprah Go's Green, by bathing in her money.


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Mar 13, 2007
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Ive got to hand it to Lewis Black from the Daily show for this one.


Oprah had a Go Green show for Earth Day, at the end of which she gave away energy efficient lightbulbs to the entire crowd.

Her guest,

Simran says replacing regular, inefficient lightbulbs with compact florescent lighbulbs (CFLs) can make a big difference. "Most of the energy in the United States comes from coal-fired plants," she says. "What we're doing when we run inefficient products is we're burning a lot more coal, and we're putting a lot more carbon into the environment."

A CFL is 70 to 75 percent more efficient than other bulbs, she says. Florescent bulbs will cost a little more up front, but Simran says you should save money on your electricity bill over time. Plus, these bulbs can last 8 to 10 years!

Oprah may have forgotten or simply wants to make up for what she gave away in the past.

Oprah Winfrey, one of the world's richest entertainers, surprised her fans Monday by giving each of her 276 audience members a new car to celebrate the premiere of her show's 19th season.

The billionaire talk show host told the audience that everybody will get a new Pontiac G-6 midsize 2005 sports sedan. Winfrey screamed and jumped up and down on the stage, shouting: "Everybody gets a car! Everybody gets a car!"

Does this make her a hypocrite?

Once you make a certain amount of money, does caring about the environment, and other people make you a hypocrite?

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