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Feb 8, 2015
Yo, the "Mini Socialist" are learning the hard way, they can`t live without OIL!!!

Gov. Brown, legislative Democrats scale back climate package


Sep. 9, 2015 8:33 PM EDT

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative Democrats announced Wednesday that they are scaling back their ambitious proposal to address climate change amid ongoing opposition from the oil industry and some lawmakers.

Brown and Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, a Los Angeles Democrat, had pushed a far-reaching proposal to cut petroleum use by half, boost renewable-electricity use to 50 percent and double energy efficiency in existing buildings. De Leon announced Wednesday that they he was dropping the mandate to cut oil use from his proposal.

With just two full days remaining for bills to emerge from the current legislative session, a massive lobbying campaign from oil interests could not be overcome, de Leon said. "We couldn't cut through the multibillion-dollar smoke screen created by big oil with a bottomless war chest," he said.

The Democratic governor has made climate change the centerpiece of his final term. Brown said at a news conference that lawmakers "did not cave in" to calls to scale back state authority to set emission rules and vowed to continue pushing for the 50 percent oil reduction through the regulatory process.

"The only thing different is my zeal has been intensified to a maximum degree and nothing, nothing is going to stop this state from pushing forward" on aggressive climate change standards, he said.

Gov. Brown, legislative Democrats scale back climate package

I think a lot of "some" lawmakers in California are opposed to this. The oil and gas industries in that state are huge... employing tens of thousands and making the state billions in tax revenues.

Crazy mofo's.
YOYO, we will always use oil as an industrial stock. Major waste to burn it. When the batteries achieve an increase of 4 times the present energy density at half the price, the ICE is dead. All your silly flap yap is just support of the present energy corporations ability to continue to pour GHGs into our atmosphere for their already obscene profits.

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