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Obama sends our Green technology to China via GM

Remodeling Maidiac

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Jun 13, 2011
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Kansas City
Its a damn good thing we bailed them out. How else could we have sent the one technological advancements we hold ove China straight to them wrapped up in a pretty bow?

It just keeps getting worse.............. We cant give our money and secrets away fast enough.

GM deal moves electric car development to China -- a 'shakedown'?


General Motors agreed in Shanghai today to develop an electric vehicle platform with longtime Chinese partner SAIC. It effectively moves GM's future electric vehicle development to China. Unclear is whether this would also lead to assembly of future EVs for the U.S. market in China.

The deal came as the Chinese government is pushing foreign automakers to give Chinese companies EV technology they lack, according to an Associated Press report. U.S. lawmakers have complained that China is "shaking down" GM to get Volt secrets. Electric vehicle development in the U.S. has been developed with extensive U.S. taxpayer funding.
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