Nice going President Trump


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Feb 14, 2021
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I did not post a video
Poster 'Lastamender' is absolutely correct.

We misidentified his avatar with the avataree, 'freyasman'....who is the actual poster of #158.

If my avatar's misstep caused any fretting to the poster 'Lastamender' is regretted.


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Feb 19, 2019
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Trump knows he won the election - American Thinker

During his speech at CPAC on Sunday afternoon, Donald Trump made no bones about the fact that he won the 2020 election. The reason he's not in the White House is because of a system that was reconfigured for fraud and a cowardly Supreme Court. He also warned Americans worried about future elections that HR1, a bill the Congressional Democrats are pushing, will permanently ensconce election fraud.

Trump noted that he got 12 million more votes than in 2016; carried Florida, Ohio, and Iowa by large margins; and won 18 of America's 19 bellwether counties. "There's never been anything like that. And yet, did Biden win? No!" The election, Trump rightly said, was "a disgrace to our country."

Trump had a laundry list of ways to make the elections fair:

  • Hold them on a single day, not over weeks;
  • Limit absentee ballots to those who prove they cannot make it to the polls;
  • Demand voter ID, universal signature-matching, and citizenship verification; and
  • Enforce stringent chain of custody requirements.
Using COVID as an excuse, the Democrats ignored all the systems that ensure fair elections. The result was an "election process [that] is worse than that in many cases of a third-world country." And the Democrats, he said, are so proud of what they did, they "admitted [it] in Time Magazine[.] ... They just couldn't hold it in. They had to brag about it."
Signature matching is going to be a bitch due folks like myself never sign the same way twice. Half the time I leave no more than a checkmark-ish. How about finger prints? OH FUCK I CAN HEAR THE PROGRESSIVES NOW, "treating everyone like a criminal" and and "infringing on our basic rights". Bet your ass they would too.

I still remember my prints from what was it, kindergarten? LONG before computer database and snowflakes. Poor me, looking back I must have been melting.

Really there's your voter ID, though cooks may have a problem - all finger prints. Vote print and you're done, but hope to Christ Demonicrats and those favoring the establishment don't get hold of it, bet your ass they'd fuck that up too.

If PROG touches it they're fucking it up. That's their legacy, though I'm open to listen to something positive should an example exist.

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