NHL Game Tonight at Santa Clara's New Levi Stadium Was Fabulous

Tom Sweetnam

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Aug 27, 2014
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8000' up in the san juan mountain foothills
What a beautiful new stadium for Bay-Area professional sports teams. 70,000 avid hockey fans paid $99 to $395 per seat to watch the Los Angeles Kings battle the San Jose Sharks tonight (the Kings won 2-1). The stadium was especially beautiful at night with all its high tech electronics, fountains, fireworks, and lighting, and very pretty were the huge parachute-like drapes down at field level with a winter motif. Melissa Etheridge and John Fogerty provided entertainment between periods. Just wow.

This week marks the 35th anniversary of the "Miracle On Ice" when a bunch of American amateurs whipped the Russians at a game they considered their own. It was a huge Cold War propaganda victory for America as well. The original American team is reuniting in Lake Placid tonight.

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