New York You Have Got To Be Kidding Me Convicting Trump of Thirty-Four Felonies!

Yea ok. Democrats would never . Don't be stupid. Are you an American or are you a Democrat?
All look! It is our resident perfect "catholic", still to afraid to debate the statement from another post.
Back to reality, those maga's need to understand and really know the definition and actual function of totalitarianism.
Such as what convicted felon P01135809 is looking to perpetuate on the USA if he can some way try to cheat his way to being elected.

You are absolutely delusional if you believe this

Maybe he is a little narcissistic.. but EVERYONE likes himself better than others (at least some or most of the time).. YOU do also!

Big *&^%g deal about narcissism! If a narcissist runs the country better than a non-N


"poses a grave danger to bringing down the country"?


You don't see that the current "president" is doing exactly that?!

Geez.. you are unbelievable
Short story is all these prosecutors going after Trump have ties to Biden White House. This judge was selected to get a prosecution. This was 100% political and the nation can see it for what it is. Putin and XI
are proud of Biden, prosecuting his political opponent. He just joined the club.
When they see the voter count supporting Trump and abandoning Bidenomics, Biden will be out on his ear.

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