Need a good Role Playing Game to past the time


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Dec 24, 2020
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Samos, Greece
So any suggestions?

I am more to story driven games and not massive open realm games like the Elder Scroll Series, just FYI.
What system are you looking for and how old of a game are you okay with?

I am the guy that went by that nickname Bruce T. Laney...

I am on Nintendo Switch and let me say I have played the original Tales of the Unknown...
I have not played that nor do I know much about the switch sadly. But, an open-world RPG I have taken an interest in is the Knights of the old republic series. It is not as open as the elder scrolls games and is much older making it accessible to pretty much anyone with a computer. Wish I could help more in that area.

Played both games and enjoyed them when they came out... I am trying to finish Breath of the Wild but boy it takes me forever and I am playing Torchlight II and have Battle Chasers as my next on the list of games...

I am old and let me tell you I cut my teeth on a Apple II and Oregon Trail...
I have heard the Zelda games are good however I have no experience with them. I'm currently working through KOTOR 2, the Fable series, and a personal favorite Kingdom Come Deliverance. I'm about 19 though I took some time to enjoy the Oregon Trail and frankly enjoyed it. I think I cut my teeth on Morrowind on the OG Xbox before I could read which if you have ever played you can definitely see why not being able to read was an issue.

I am not laughing because I am laughing at you but I played the original Elder Scrolls Arena when I lived in Oregon!!!

I will not tell you how KOTOR ends but just enjoy...

If you liked Oblivion from Elder Scrolls then play Kingdoms of Amalur and you will enjoy the visual effects...
I thought about downloading the original Elder Scrolls games a couple of years back and it has been fun so far I look forward to seeing how it plays out especially from such a neutral playthrough. I love Oblivion and will definitely check out Kingdoms of Amalur. Thanks!

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