My thank you to corporations


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Feb 25, 2010
I'm so sick of liberal class warfare and politics of envy. is my thanks to corporations, and why:

I want to thank the many corporations that have employed me in my life. Too many to list, especially in my college days. But thanks. I needed work, and they gave it.

Thanks to McDonalds. Many days in college and early in my adult careers, I was hungry and broke. The girlfriend and I got by many nights with a combo #4. Tasty food, low price, and 24 hour access.

Thanks to WalMart. Lots of stuff I get low prices on. Lots of stuff I would've paid a lot more for had they not been around. WalMart helped me get through college. WalMart was a savior when I had a bad work injury and was out for a couple years. My mom raised me as a single mom waiting tables, and much of our birthday and Christmas came from WalMart, and as a kid I didn't know any different so I'm thankful she was able to find affordable gifts.

Thanks to BMW. I drive a used BMW that was built in Greenville, SC. Great car. Has had very few problems, they built a quality product. Same to Ford. I drove a little Ranger throughout school. Hit 250,000 miles on that little truck, with no problems. Thanks to those car dealers and corporations.

Thanks to Dominoes Pizza. Gave me work as a kid when I needed it. And to this day, when it's a cold, rainy day, especially in football season, I get delivery. Some families rely on it for a good, affordable and quick dinner.

Thanks to Whole Foods. Even though their CEO bashed OBama, he's a good guy. They provide organic food and it's just a great place.

Thanks to Smith & Wesson. I have peace of mind and feel very safe in my home thanks to SEVERAL S&W products:cool: Outstanding company.

Thanks to FoxNews. Without FoxNews, the media wouldn't be DIVERSE. We sure would NOT want anything to be anywhere short of DIVERSE, right? Fox provides that and donates a lot to charity.

Thanks to the NFL for the entertainment.
Thanks to Golds Gym for my fitness.
Thanks to Hooters for helping me meet my current girlfriend and for making damn good buffalo shrimp.
Thanks to Coca Cola, I love that shit.
Thanks to the Green Bay Packers for beating Pittsburgh.
Thanks to Furman University, private school, for my education.

Anyway, in the political climate we are in, so many leftists want to paint corporations and managers/ceos as pure evil, pure hatred, pure greed. Screw that. My life has been vastly improved by corporations.

As for the government..................

Thank you to the military for protecting American sovereignty.
Thank you cops for protecting our asses while we sleep.
Thank you firemen for making sure I don't burn to death.

Um.....................thats all I got for government thanks.
Oh, and thanks to Microsoft and Apple and the other tech companies, else none of us would be on here debating stuff like this.

Oh, and thank Al Gore for inventing the internet, forgot him.
You know what I'm really getting sick of?

People inventing and then arguing with this guy:


because they're either too stupid or too dishonest to have real discussions about real issues with real people.

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