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My life inside a segregation academy-Nikki Haley


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Jul 15, 2014
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My life inside a segregation academy

Yes, take it down. The Confederate flag represents a racist regime that fought to maintain slavery and all the brutality that came with it. Take the flag down. But, please understand that just by doing that we haven’t solved the problem of structural racism deeply rooted in the United States and in South Carolina. Indeed, I’m a product of that racism.

In the 1980s, I was a student at a segregation academy -- a private school created for white kids while public schools were being desegregated in the years following Brown v. Board of Education. These academies were designed for parents who didn’t want to send their sons and daughters to school with black kids. By the mid-1970s there were about 200 of them in South Carolina.
The segregation academy I attended in Orangeburg, about an hour inland from Charleston, was called Wade Hampton Academy, and it was founded in 1964. The school was named after a Confederate general and Reconstruction-era governor who was supported by the Redshirts, a paramilitary group that violently suppressed black voting. The school’s mascot was the Rebel—a bearded man dressed like an antebellum planter, nonchalantly leaning on a cane, with a Confederate flag fluttering in the breeze behind him just as it did in front of the school.

Haley graduated in 1989 (her bio says) and
In a 1989 Boston Globe report, the superintendent of Orangeburg's public schools, James Wilsford, credited Orangeburg Prep for stepping away from its segregationist traditions, saying it was "a big move towards accommodating the modern world."[9]

Nikki Haley may not do racism but its rampant in the US esp with the tramp cult. So why did Nikki Haley get to go to a segregated school, oh she is close enough to white, and she had parents who could afford to send her there.


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Jul 21, 2010
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Exposing PoliticalChic as a fraud. Every day.
Nikki “Boom Boom” Haley, at the RNC:

“America is not a racist country. Now let me tell you about all the racism my family went through in America.”


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Dec 25, 2018
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Nikki “Boom Boom” Haley, at the RNC:

“America is not a racist country. Now let me tell you about all the racism my family went through in America.”
America has made many changes in its history. It takes foundation from each individual to build on the rights gained. They were won in the last round in the 1960's. It had to play out. And a lot of people who you think are privileged, lost out even if they were better. Also, the impoverishment of the males of who you think are privileged has increased in massive numbers. They do not have special status at this point. You will be dealing with them at some point. Just saying.

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