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MSNBC: Paul voters do not count as much

Quantum Windbag

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May 9, 2010
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First they pretend he doesn't exist, then they make his voters appear less important than others.

Tell me again that MSNBC is fair and balanced, and Fox is biased.

First thing's first: let's face up to the fact that online polls (especially on political issues) are pretty close to meaningless. However, Jamey Fletcher points us to a rather amazing graphical mess perpetrated by MSNBC in response to Ron Paul supporters flooding the vote for its online poll concerning who won the recent dog & pony show debate among a bunch of Republican presidential wannabes. Here's the screenshot he took, and the live poll certainly looks similar to me right now as well (though, at last check, Paul has an even larger percentage of the vote):

According To MSNBC, If Online Voters Support Ron Paul, Their Votes Count Less | Techdirt

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