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Most Democrats are actually Socialists?


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Jun 23, 2013
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I knew things were very bad in this Country...sanity-wise...after 7 years of a surreptitious Marxist Fool in the White House....but they asked the pathological liar Hillary Clinton what her problem was in Iowa with this data point:

"This was in the Des Moines Register poll this week: 43 percent of likely Democratic caucus goers identify as socialist. Only 38 percent of likely Democratic caucus goers identified themselves as a capitalist......If you don`t win Iowa, do you think that`s the reason?"

NBC’s Todd to Hillary Clinton: ‘43% of Likely Democratic Caucus Goers Identify as Socialist’


By the way, here is a relevant factoid:

"Lenin and the Russian Communist Party (the Bolsheviks) showed the people that the source of their oppression was capitalism, and the solution lay in socialism."

Bolshevism lasted 80 years and then collapsed ignominiously--stupendously--when, as always happens, they ran out of other people's money.

One generation later--Democrats have learned nothing from the bitter example the long suffering Russian people provided to us.


Now, this poll is just Iowa---where most Democrats identify as Socialists....but isn't Iowa less off the Liberal Lunacy Clift than California, Illinois, New York, Vermont, Connecticut and several others....what about New Hampshire where the admitted Socialist has a massive lead--admittedly against the most flawed, about to be indicted, dumb-ass, unhealthy, incompetent, pathological liar candidate in history---Bill Clinton's bogus wife.

One generation away from the gross example of Socialists greatest chance and its greatest failure--Russia--and now American Bolsheviks are basically in a numerical majority in the damn Democratic Party---and ready to try the Lenin Experiment over again on the greatest society thus far established in the history of mankind.

It is truly amazing. Think about it. Most of the current members of the party of John F. Kennedy are now Socialists! Kennedy would be a Republican today!!!!!!...he would have had no other choice...this crowd of Loons today would have run him off after he said:

"Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."

"The Bern" insists its the other way around....and Hillary says the question is: What can this Country do for the Clintons.

Its a mess....but at least the Fool in the White House is gone in 355 days. Lord help us as we soldier toward the end of this nightmare.


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