Miracle Medicine, or A Doctors Visit With A Happy Ending


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Dec 4, 2013
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Carrabelle, fl. 60 miles s of tallahassee
how about a good news story for a change?

Yesterday, I took a long shot and called the doctors office to see if I could get an appointment for my shoulder. I thought I had a tear, or a bone spur or a separation. I could still do,pushups or chin ups and lift stuff but certain range of motions were painful and I felt I was losing strength because I was hesitant to move certain ways. I fully expected one of these deal,with it til you just can’t stand it anymore, and then we will operate and you’ll be laid up for three months diagnosis. To my utter disbelief she said if I didn’t have to see the doctor I could see the PA at 4:15. I told her hell yeah. I arrived, filled out the paperwork, sat down for 2 minutes, was ushered into the waiting room, weighed and blood pressured, 2 min. Later the pa comes in. I repeat my story and say I just want to get an mri and find out what the problem is. She says Medicare wants an X-ray before prescribing an mri and she says there is still time to get one today, but first she wants me to walk across the hall and consult with the physical therapy guy. No problem, glad to do it.

The pt guy was a handsome 30something who looked like he might be a gym rat. He pushed and shoved my arms explaining my weakness. Then he had me hold my arms straight out to the sides, palms up. He said try to bend just your hands down. Yes it was painful on the left side. He said that shows it is not a shoulder problem but a nerve problem emanating from the c vertebraes in my neck. He had me perform a set of ten neck exercises and then we did the strength exercise again and he was unable to move my arms. I was flabbergasted. I quickly came to the conclusion that YouTube and yes even USMB were responsible for my condition. With the phone or iPad in my lap my head is bent down for hours and hours in the evenings and it changes the posture of the vertebrae in the neck. He agreed and added that it was not an age thing, that it had happened to him also, but that awareness of the problem and these neck exercises done religiously can cure the problem. He said 29% of the people that come in thinking they have a shoulder problem have this nerve problem and that computers, phones, and other devices are increasing the frequency of this ailment. So from the time I entered the doctors office until I left the physical therapists office not even an hour had passed. No drugs, no future appointments, no more consultations, and a cure for what’s ailing me. I had pictures of my exercise routine and an app that will allow me to get in touch with the therapist if I have any questions. The exercises really work, I couldn’t do a pull-up yesterday and today I could. I am sore but whole again with a hefty dose of positivity. I have ordered a phone holder that will attach to a table and keep the phone at eye level and I won’t have to look down. They said I could watch YouTube videos through the tv but I don’t think my mate will give up her fox shows. Anyway, I’m cured. Time to do the exercises.

This was an extreme good news story and I am very lucky. Maybe my experience will help or educate others, but good things do happen and I am happy I can talk about it. Keep your head up!

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