Military mail-in votes for President TRUMP thrown in trash in Pennsylvania


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Sep 24, 2010
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Guys, guys, guys!!! - OCT 2017 - Engineer Boards

Nothing to see here, folks - just the Democrats engaging in massive election fraud in an attempt to do what they have been unable to do and know they can't do this time, either - WIN A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION FAIRLY!

How many times are we going to see before - and after - the election the huge criminal election fraud being carried out by the Democrats with this 'Mail-In' voting scam before it is simply eliminated, done away with? Almost every western country has outlawed its use exactly because of the reasons we are seeing over and over and over leading up to election day.

Once again we see Democrats targeting MILITARY ballots / votes, while criminally hypocritically declaring, 'EVERY vote must count.'

This is a flashback to the Bush-Gore election down in Florida. For those who don't remember it or who were not alive at that time, During the Presidential election between Bush and Al Gore, the election came down to who won in Florida. Very similar to how I expect this coming election to go, the Democrats' hopes and dreams came down to an argument over 'hanging chads'. With an army of lawyers and democrat 'election volunteers', Democrats began counting every vote by hand while the lawyers took their attempt to steal the election to the courts.

While declaring EVERY SINGLE VOTE MUST COUNT, Al Gore suggested that the entire state of Florida should just vote AGAIN. When the fact that this could not be done because all of the votes from Americans - residents of Florida - living / serving abroad would not be able to vote and get their absentee ballots mailed in time to be counted, Gore suddenly did not give a damn about EVERY vote. He quickly declared all the votes of military members and others overseas should just be forfeit, not counted, in order to conduct his Florida Vote 2.0.

Surprise, surprise....military votes - the bulk of whom are no doubt for Trump, as polls show active duty military members LOVE Trump - are being dumped, discarded.

Democrats are such treasonous enemies of the Constitution and the American people.
Special pleading like usual. Your guy was deliberate having mail processing equipment removed so you right wingers could complain about "voter fraud".
You belong in the conspiracy section.

Of the UN-American message board. Your far left values have NOTHING to do with America. Get fucked.
All of you Rumpers belong in the Conspiracy section. Backing the insane Rump means that you aren't all there in the first place. That tells me that we need to have larger Mental Hospitals very soon to facilitate you rumpers for deprogramming.
What in the fuck are you talking about.

If you don't vote for president Trump, you aren't an American.

You can build your hospital in Venezuela, they have the free health care you keep whining for, made for you and your eels.
What';s the matter, You don't like the truth? Or does it get in the way of your Never Never Land where you blindly follow your Orange Deity. Well, you can follow him. Right into whatever hell pit that is waiting for him. The Rest of us will work on making American Great Again because it sure isn't right now.
You are so deep into the lies that you can't even recognize the truth anymore.

Fuck off to the 3rd world banana republic where you belong.
If Rump is allowed to have what he wants, there won't be anything different between the United States (not so united anymore) and Venzuela.
If president Trump gets what he want, America will be great again. His agenda is brilliant.

Meanwhile the Biden plan is to invade America with 3rd world Venezuelan style immigrants.

Americans vote for Trump and let's provide this idiot a free ride to his utopia.


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Jun 18, 2009
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If it is left-biased, it is beyond questionable. It is outright propaganda.
The left actually understand our Constitution.
That is the funniest thing you could possibly have said.

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