Lies about People who carry guns for self defense....


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Jul 19, 2014
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The violence policy center is an irrational, anti gun nutter group. Because they have a phobia about guns they are irrational and extreme in their beliefs about guns and this forces them to lie about guns and the people who own and carry them. their fear of guns....or really their fear of people, because they fear people as being irrational, emotional and prone to violence so they must be controlled. they know they will never control actual criminals, criminals will ignore any and all gun control laws the anti gun nuts pass. However, they know one thing for certain.....they can control normal, law abiding citizens by passing laws...because normal, law abiding citizens have a lot to lose by breaking the law...hence, they can be controlled with the law. that is really the issue with gun control....controlling the only people that actually can be controlled..via laws about guns.......

and one truth about irrational, anti gun nuts......they can never, ever be trusted to tell the truth where guns are concerned...they are the Brian Williams of the gun debate...and they will lie to push their anti gun agenda....often and without is a look at how they lie about people who carry guns for self defense....a group that studies have shown are actually more law abiding than other citizens and even police officers.....

New York Times freaks about Concealed Carriers forgets math and common sense. Gun Free Zone

Let’s begin first with the numbers: 722 nonself-defense deaths. Have you ever heard that term? Why the new moniker? Because you see, VPC includes suicides in the 722 in order to pad the outrage. But let’s go to basics: 722 deaths in 7 years or an average of 103 deaths per year. Now, if we use the number Antis bandy about “gun deaths” of 30,000 per year, we have that a whooping 0.34% of those deaths can be “directly linked” to people with a CWP. That is 99.66% of all “gun deaths” have nothing to do with the 10 million people who have a license to carry a weapon. Let me put it this way, if a Concealed Weapons Permit was a vaccine, even the “hippiest” and “hipest” of the Anti-Vaccine movement would have no problem inoculating their kids under those odds. Jenny McCarthy would be on the steps of the Capitol waving a Gadsden Flag in one hand and a pink 9mm SIG in the other demanding every kid in America to have a CWP.

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