Liberalism is Communism – How the Militant Communists Took Over New Zealand


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Sep 8, 2008

The communist ‘revolution’ is well underway in New Zealand today – disguised as ‘Liberalism’ and ‘Multiculturalism’.

These people, by some accounts all closely related to each other, have seeped over the unprotected NZ borders over recent years and work in a team to protect each other and affirm their own criminal behavior, as they carry out their coordinated “long march” to gain control over all Government and private business agendas. We have seen the odd very wrong immigration decision (bribery) play out in the news, but only the very tip of the iceberg. The communist takeover of New Zealand was announced some time back and they have been flooding in ever since, aided by their network of ‘comrades’ in high places, setting up and/or infiltrating all sides of the so called ‘debate’.

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves” – Lenin

It is essentially a holocaust playing out before our very eyes now – a war on the ‘natives’ of this land – both Maori and European – the same across the entire West that they are at war with – and rest assured they are all making money out of the process – selling off the ‘gold teeth’ of their victims if you will.

These militant communists are poisoning your food with dangerous / toxic chemicals and additives, polluting all of your food and drinks with toxic plastics designed to lower the fertility rates and cause cancers, poisoning your water supply with sodium fluoride, spraying the air with poisonous chemicals, importing the meth and getting it to market via the gangs and police, turning your daughters into crack whores then aborting their unwanted babies, kidnapping your children via the family courts, making you homeless via their banking system and free trade agreements, making you poorer with their money printing and counterfeiting, and turning your children into dumbed down mind control iphone slaves via their Hollywood bullshit and ‘liberal’ programming. They are now even allegedly adding aborted baby fetus cells to the “natural flavours” in some of your favorite and most common foods. That includes many of the fast food companies. They hate you and your offspring with a passion.

They posed as capitalists for a long time, but capitalism is long dead now – the death knell of their capitalist system was when they staged the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and then used your tax money to bail out the banks. They now pretty much own everything – the entire corrupt corporate system, allowing them to put the poisons in your food and drinks and enforce racist & undemocratic policies via the Government that they control – such as unrestrained immigration polices and home loan restrictions for ‘natives’ – designed to impoverish and kill off the locals as they import and support the new immigrants who will take your place, and using your tax money to fund it.

We see their racist employment practices in most of the large corporates these days, from the courier companies to the gas stations, supermarkets and even state run companies such as NZ Post – they now give preference to immigrants over the ‘natives’. The corrupt Prime Minister Bill English even goes on record and suggests Kiwis are drug addicts to explain away this state sponsored racism. Bill English apparently spends a lot of spare time with Nick Smith MP, so we have a hunch he may also be ‘compromised’.

The government’s finger prints are all over the meth industry – in the least they are allowing the stuff to be imported and readily available, before blaming you for the problem. And they are turning your daughters into crack whores in the process.

They hate us and are quite openly at war with us, but it would be ‘politically incorrect’ to admit it. The ‘immigrants’ we refer to are often their victims also its important to note – people trafficking victims essentially, forced out of their own homelands by illegal wars, ethnic cleansing and financial terrorism carried out by the global banking mafia. They are being bought in to replace us and become the new compliant tax paying slaves in this foreign banker run plantation.

Their capitalist model was only a vehicle to take their communism global anyway – and as soon as they had completed using it to consolidate all resources and take over all nations, they swiftly staged the GFC and are now implementing their global communist model – a plan hundreds of years in the making – and some say even promised to them by their ‘God’

“”For the LORD your God will bless you as He has promised you, and you will lend to many nations, but you will not borrow; and you will rule over many nations, but they will not rule over you.”

Apparently their God is an International banker and real estate mogul.

In fact, if you want to go back a bit further, their “Long March” to take over all Western institutions really took hold with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 – giving this private inbred group of criminals control over the largest bank in the World. Ever since then we have seen never ending wars and ever increasing debt., mixed with all sorts of mindless entertainment & booze to keep us all distracted as they spread their tentacles like some sort of parasitic disease.

Now that they have near complete control – and as with all previous communist regimes – we are starting to see the inequality, the perversion, the poverty, the homelessness, the drug addiction and other social ills – and their child abuse. Not sure what it is with these people but child abuse seems to be of big interest to them – abortion being their favorite form of child abuse – the ultimate form.

They even staged the 911 attacks and entire ‘radical Islam’ and ‘war on terror’ hoaxes as an excuse to spy on you and take away your privacy and other rights.They are even spying on your children, like a pedophile ring would do. Rest assured Islamification is part of their longer term plan, but they long ago infiltrated that region and religion also.

They have pumped all of the fools with their Hollywood crap, their debaucherous music industry, iPhones and iPads and their free porn and sex sex sex everywhere, as they have led them all blindly down the track to total state mind control- working hand in hand with the corporations which they own and control.

The average brainwashed fool is still focused on the many distractions these criminals throw out to confuse the people of the Nations they are taking over – Trump, Aliens, Nasa, climate change, etc – all mind control bullshit designed to confuse the public as they are farmed, murdered & replaced – the same agenda as all communist regimes of the past. That is its purpose – population control and re population. Or just plan mass murder in simple terms.

Bishop Williamson explains that liberalism is communism:

Bishop Williamson excommunicated (pun not intended) after questioning the official holocaust numbers

Brendon O’Connell’s views on this communist takeover of the West:

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