Justice Sam Alito Busted For Flying Flag Upside Down In Solidarity With MAGA After Biden Win In 2020. Blames It On His Wife


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Mar 18, 2017
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito was quick to blame his wife when it was discovered that a MAGA symbol was displayed in the justice's front yard as the high court was considering an election case, but that excuse doesn't hold water, according to a federal courts insider.

The New York Times reported on Thursday that an upside-down American flag was seen flying at Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito's house after President Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 election, and a CNN panel on Friday bashed him for a total lack of professionalism.

In the wake of Biden's victory, many Trump supporters flew American flags upside down to signal distress in the United States, and panelist David Frum argued that having an upside down flag at the house of a Republican-appointed Supreme Court justice is "going to raise a lot of doubts about the legitimacy of the court," especially when it comes to the upcoming case on presidential immunity.

The most corrupt court in the nations history. There are no more legitimate arguments for not expanding the entire federal judiciary, and requiring term limits for judges. The toxic partisanship of conservatism, and their dark money billionaire supporters have destroyed all of the democratic principles created by the Founders.
What the hell do you care about the American flag? The Soviet Union Flag has brought tears to the Prog Socialist Communists. Disrespect to the American Flag has occurred for a long time. When Obama was President, they were burning it and even showing the flag of the shithole nation they came from with pride. All of that while collecting benefits paid for from American taxpayers.
We are living through, perhaps the most corrupt, version of the SCOTUS.

They are highly partisan, highly radical, and highly activist.

And they DGAF about it.

The far rightwing organization The Heritage Foundation really got their money's worth.

They need to be brought to heel!
Maybe one day you will learn as well.
It will not matter anymore. Artificial Intelligence Sex Robots will take the place of men having relationships with human woman. No more pain and suffering. No more attitudes. No more extreme feminist views in the fourth generation of what destroyed relationships in the first place. And that means women will not make a difference anymore. Just like men do not today. I only warn you of this. And you of course will not accept this is possible.
Who was the lucky fellow?

1/10. Try harder.

You must be a feet person.

He can have his political opinion on it...

He just needs to recuse himself from any cases involving his personal opinion.

THAT is how it is suppose to work.....that is what recusal is for.....

Not for opinions, for interests in the case, or for being on a previous version of the case.

So that means all the justices have to give up all their cases, because they all probably have opinions on the cases?

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