Jonathan Turley Says Judge Merchan “Crossed the Line” by Suggesting a Witness Be Called by Alvin Bragg’s Team

Correct, the defense need not present any defense at all.

They are free to simply claim the prosecution didn't prove their case.

The reality is the prosecution entered mounds of evidence and called over 20 witnesses to prove their case.

This week it will be before the jury to render their verdict.

Yes, the State put up a lot of people, that didn't prove any crime was committed. The jury is frankly pointless, either they get it right, or the NY Court of Appeals will fix it.
Except that guy was never Cohen's Lawyer, was told specifically he didn't represent Cohen, and was caught doing Trump's bidding in trying to keep Cohen quiet.

He testifed that he was not trying to keep Cohen quit and literally was trying to get Cohen to give Trump up if he had any information, and repreatedly Cohen said he had nothing to give them
Except his own emails say the opposite. Whoops.
His testimony both before Congress and at trial say that Cohen repeatedly stated he had nothing on Trump. That's the evidence,.

Costello testifies that Cohen told him 'Trump knew nothing about' the Daniels payment

His testimony directly conflicts with Cohen's statements about Trump's knowledge of — and involvement with — the payments.
Doesn't matter what he testified to. His own emails directly contradict his testimony.
No they don' email was presented from him or to Cohen contridicting what he said Cohen told him

Try again
He claimed he wasn't working for Trump.
Then an email showed he was.

Nothing he says should be believed.
First. He wasn’t working for trump and the emails didn’t show that.

Nothing was presented that contradicted what he said Cohen told him. He testified to that at trial and in front of congress.
All the left wing wanna be lawyers on the board.

Glad they are here and not in our judicial system.

We'd be Nazi Germany for sure.

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