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Jon Stewart Rails On The Absurdity Of The US Health Care System Refusing To Hire Comb


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Sep 21, 2012
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by Geoffrey Ingersoll @ Jon Stewart Exposes Idiocy Of Health Care System Which Rejects Combat Medics - Business Insider

Jon Stewart, during an exclusive taping which appeared only on the web, interviewed two Army medics with experience in Iraq, who had actually saved lives in combat.
Stewart gave them mock job interviews for a 'nurse's assistant' and a 'school nurse' to illustrate how the veterans were not qualified on paper, and over qualified in experience — essentially falling into a certification gap.
The medics talk about saving people with combat related injuries, and Stewart responds back, "Are you familiar with kick ball? In the job I'm interviewing you for you will have to be familiar with bruising ... " Jon said, "So you don't have the certifications you need to fill these jobs?"
Watch the full clip below:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart @ http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/w...mic-reintegration-for-veterans&r=video&cat=39,


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