JEM fails in Darfur, mercenary operations


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Oct 17, 2012
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The Darfuri rebel groups have been involved in proxy wars, ignoring the international law in flagrant threat to regional and international peace.

We wonder, why they do that ? Why they forgot their own issues to fan war in neighboring countries? The Darfuri rebel movements have just become professional mercenaries. This reality affirmed that the Darfuri rebels have no issue to defend, they battle for the sake of money and military support.

Their mercenary activities have spread in Africa like a cancer in clear threat to regional and international peace. Turning blind eye to these practices, the international community will be unable to contain these phenomena one day.

Lately, the South Sudanese rebels led by Dr Riek Machar has displayed dozens sad images of Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) rebels led by Jibreel Ibrahim, The group of JEM rebels were killed in the confrontations in Rabakona in South Sudan.

Joining the fighting in South or Libya under Ghaddafi indicates that the rebels in Darfur have no issues to fight for when they held the arm against the Sudanese government.

A report issued by United Nations about the heinous human rights violations by JEM against the Neur ethnicity will open the door wide open before all the crimes against humanity committed by JEM rebel in both Darfur and the neighboring South Sudan.

Instead of holding the rebels responsible their involvement in regional wars, the international community has urged the Sudanese government to negotiate with the rebels who have distanced from their issue

Moreover, the rebel movement has used the newborn state to exercise anti Sudan activities in addition to looting and devastation of public utilities in Kordofan and Darfur states.

Sudan will never deal in the same way with South Sudan. There is more than option. There are strategic issues between the two neighboring countries. Unfortunately, the South Sudanese leaders ignore this fact because they nothing about diplomacy.


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Jul 12, 2012
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JEM should fail-----it stinks of islamicism------but then again----
so does Khartoum. It's a pig fight in the islamicist STY

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