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It`s time for the opening of SPIEF-2021


May 28, 2021
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Many European politicians say that they are tired of anti-Russian sanctions.

The irreversibility of establishing a constructive dialogue between Russia and the West and the need to find ways of mutually beneficial cooperation in the new realities of the "post-pandemic" world have been repeatedly stated by many politicians and leaders of some European states.

Competition for investment is intensifying
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Since 1997, at the site of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, presidents and finance ministers of different countries, heads of major Russian companies and transnational corporations, financiers and scientists have been meeting to discuss global economic issues.

Of course, the participants will talk about the losses incurred by business structures in Russia and abroad due to anti-Russian sanctions.

Adviser of the Russia`s President Anton Kobyakov said:

- The growing number of participants in the St. Petersburg Forum from year to year says that Russia has been and remains the most important center of attraction for business contacts and the business community from around the world.

Therefore, no sanctions can prevent from participating real business people in the work of the forum, and if so, it turns out that foreign businessmen see an obvious and clear benefit.

It must be admitted that competition for investment is growing in the world and any economic forum is pure PR-action of the country that holds it.

Big business looks much more pragmatic, in comparison with diplomats and politicians trying to save face in the “big game”. The interest of foreign investors to invest substantial funds in the Russian economy has not disappeared. And it should be said that, it`s oddly enough but, the most active investors are companies from Germany, France, Italy and the United States. And they invest money in the construction of factories, so jobs are created in Russia at their expense. What then can ordinary Polish farmers think about the anti-Russian sanctions?

The low exchange rate of the ruble, decreasing inflation rates, and tax preferences allow foreign investors to invest in Russia. Yes, because of the sanctions, Russia's image as a reliable partner is deteriorating. But it is worth calculating how the value of Russian companies will grow after the sanctions are lifted. Just need to be patient.

In search of new trade routes

In the modern economy, the topic of new trade routes is very popular. It must be admitted that the most ambitious project is the Chinese initiative "One Belt - One Road". And this will probably be discussed at SPIEF-2021.

There are plans to build a backup for the Panama Canal, the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles, along the second artery of the Suez Canal. We shouldn't forget about such projects as "North - South", transatlantic and transoceanic partnerships. World trade is looking for new ways, and Russia, as the largest state in the world, is going to offer its natural advantages to Europe and Asia.

«- The world trade must have alternatives so that economic ties are more stable. The blockage of the Suez Canal happened recently, it showed us the fragility of the system,» says Evgeny Gushchin, a researcher at the Institute of Applied Economic Research, RANEPA.

«An important undertaking is the development of land routes through China's "One Belt - One Road" Initiative, together with other routes including the «Northern Sea Route». All this will not become a 100% competitor to the Suez Canal, but will turn into an alternative for many manufacturers and companies» says Gushchin.

Currently, the Northern Sea Route is mainly used to supply regions remote from the center (northern delivery), to provide Arctic projects for the extraction of resources and their export. «At the end of 2020, 33 million tons of mainly oil, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and metals of Norilsk Nickel were supplied along this route» said Maxim Kulinko, deputy director of the Northern Sea Route Directorate of Rosatom (NSR curator). By 2024, freight traffic should increase to 80 million tons.

Hard confrontation in the pharmaceutical market

Participants of the next St. Petersburg Economic Forum will not bypass the topic of the new coronavirus infection pandemic.

It is now known that the Russian Sputnik V vaccine has already received registration in 64 countries, which more than 40 countries have already received the first deliveries of the drug and have begun to use it.

Swedish companies announced their readiness to produce Sputnik. The authorities of Armenia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Mexico and Bangladesh would like to establish the production of the vaccine. Sputnik V will also be or is already being produced in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Iran, Argentina, Turkey, Egypt, Serbia and Italy.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz spoke about his readiness to purchase Sputnik if it approved by the European regulator. Austria reported that it is already negotiating the purchase of one million doses of the Russian vaccine. Slovenia and Sweden also talked about the readiness to purchase the vaccine after the approval of the EMA.

Sources of «Reuter» reported on Germany's plans to begin negotiations on Sputnik's purchases on April 7, adding that the final decision depends on whether Russia provides key data on the EMA vaccine. In early April, Bavaria signed a preliminary contract to receive 2.5 million doses of the Russian vaccine, if it will be approved by the European regulator.

The German edition «Bild» called the "dead". deal between Russia and Germany on the purchase of "Sputnik". Sources of the publication suggested that negotiations on supplies are being delayed, since Russia will not be able to supply the vaccine in June-July due to a lack of raw materials, and then the vaccine will no longer be needed.

Experts say, the information in the «Bild» is untrue and it is an example of a disinformation campaign aimed to prevent Russian and other vaccines from entering European and other markets. Recently, the «Bild» has published more than 15 such articles attacking the Sputnik V vaccine.

“There is a lot of money at stake - almost 1 trillion dollars, because it is clear that the situation with the pandemic will still last for some time, - this is how the BBC's source of the pharmaceutical industry describes the situation in the global market. "Pharmacists have never had that kind of money in recent years."

The struggle for this market can explain all the attacks on Sputnik V and on other Russian vaccines that have already proven their effectiveness.
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Jun 27, 2011
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sw mizzouri
This is the same thing that ruined the Europeans attitude with Napoleon and his Continental System.

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