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Is that possible?


Aug 23, 2011
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Muslim riots in Europe... Is that possible? Here’s the link politicalforum.com/western-europe/190600-muslim-riots-crime.html read it. People, do a think why the Islamists have begun thinking about rebellions?! Doesn’t it seem to you it’s directly linked with "humanitarian wars" in North Africa? Oh, unfortunately European government might forget that mostly all European countries have large immigrant Muslim populations. Now look up what radical Islamists are doing in Libya ... Visit obama s libya .com . Do you feel scared? I do... I’d say I’m deeply terrified. Obviously, European farsighted leaders are eager that the same will happen in Europe... It’s essential for radical Islamists to behead and sodomize prisoners and civilians. How many people – in case of rising riots in Europe - will be tortured until police forces take the situation under control? The recent experience in the UK shows us that it takes more than a week to oppress such "protests"... Now imagine a week of CHAOS in! What should we do? I don’t know but I’m sure we need changes in our foreign policy. Once our genius politicos decided to make advances to the USA and participate in those wars and now ordinary Europeans are about to suffer from Muslim uprisings!

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