Interesting weather last night...


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Apr 23, 2004
You'll have to check the Marauder's Map...
We had some interesting weather here...severe thunderstorms and some possible tornadoes only 11 miles from my home (5 from my dad's). Because it was at night, they don't know for sure if it was an actual tornado or just straightline winds, which can do just the same amount of damage.

We had similar weather about this same time last year, and several trees were downed, many hitting the houses of the yards they were in. We got lucky, and only had one branch down, which was dead anyway, so it really just saved us the trouble of cutting it down ourselves. My dad's pool was damaged to where they had to replace the lining, and it still has dents in the metal side-walls from the hail. They had to replace all their siding last year, so I called this morning and asked how they damage to speak of thank goodness.

We did OK this time too...just a bunch of leaves all over.

But there is one girl dead, a 10yo, and many homes destroyed. Do you hear us bitching about not fast-enough government action? Oh, wait, we had only a 5 minute warning when the sirens went off compared to the two week warning N.O. people had...

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