Inflation, inflation, inflation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Oct 31, 2012

Did I mention inflation?


It will only get worse until the country enters stagflation, but the Progressive agenda is more important.

Here are the ways the DNC is making the working class want to kill themselves.

But the liberal “shrinkflation” agenda is more than just higher prices. We’re seeing a whole-of-government approach to increasing our misery coming out of the Biden administration by forcing average Americans to sacrifice their quality of life and comfort for the progressive agenda.

It’s not only the Biden administration demanding that we expect less. It is working to deliver less. Here are just a few examples:

  • Appliances, NPR warns, are becoming a “culture war target” because they don’t actually work well under Biden administration policies. The truth, according to Fox News, is that “recent energy regulations proposed or finalized by the Biden administration would, on average, make water heaters cost $2,800 more, gas stoves as much as $3,250 more expensive, air conditioners $1,100 more expensive, and gas furnaces nearly $500 more expensive.” And consumer groups point out that the new appliances “are often less effective than their predecessors.”
  • Love your truck? Don’t get too attached. As the Wall Street Journal’s Kimberly Strassel warns, “Biden is coming for your truck.” But Americans know that “no Tesla is going to function in the bitter cold of a Wisconsin or Alaska winter; no Ford Lightning will manage the work of a Montana ranch or a Kansas farm.”
  • And finally, what’s up with the bugs? Why are the elites so obsessed with normalizing “insect protein” while finding ways to backdoor ban steaks and seafood for the rest of us?
But this shrinkflation sacrifice is planned for ordinary Americans by their “betters,” the wealthy liberal elites setting these policies. Don’t expect the progressives in power to give up their private jets, their second and third vacation homes, or their pristine ocean views at their beach houses.

The progressive elites will never make the same sacrifices. Those sacrifices are only for the rest of us.
Things will now cost much more and not work as well. So, that dish washer you buy will be at a much higher cost, but won't wash dishes as well or last as long.

This is the Progressive way.
Yikes! "Built-in obsolescence". I thought we got over that.
We need Clinton back in the White House. He managed the economy pretty well. At the end of his first term hundreds of government positions remained unfilled, saving us big bucks.
The best thing to come out of the inflation is that it got rightwingers to give a fuck about poor people again.
Caring is one thing, doing something about it is a little harder. The best thing for poor people is for them to stop doing the things that are keeping them poor.

Maybe science has the answer. :biggrin:
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"Well, I really doubt that we’re going to see an inflationary cycle— that’s a transitory thing, although I will say that all the economists in the administration are watching that very closely."
3.4% inflation the last twelve months, you are all gonna die
Overall, inflation up 17% since Biden.

Try again.

There is no end in sight is the thing.

And our leaders initially told us it was just "transitory". Nothing to worry about.

Well guess what, now they are saying otherwise.

This means they are either inept or corrupt. Which do you think it is, not that it matters in the end result?

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