India-Pakistan border firing kills 19 people amid rising tensions over Kashmir


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Jul 26, 2016
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More bloodshed along the India and Pakistan border. As India admits, it has been conducting secret raids and operations inside Pakistan, for years

The two nuclear-armed powers have been ratcheting up shelling and small-arms fire for weeks, with each accusing the other of violating a 2003 ceasefire.

Pakistan said four people were killed and five injured in its part of Kashmir this week when the two countries exchanged heavy fire in the Nakyal sector along the Line of Control.

Another six were killed and 10 injured last week, Pakistani officials said.

"It appears as if a full blown war is going on between India and Pakistan," said Mohammad Saeed, a resident of the village of Mohra in the region.

On the Indian side of the Line of Control, seven people - including two children - were killed on Tuesday by Pakistani shelling, a senior police officer told Reuters.

An Indian soldier and a civilian were also killed, an Indian army spokesman said.
At least 19 killed in India-Pakistan border firing

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