In 2016, the Democrats had a Supreme Court majority, the Republicans won the Presidency and had the House and Senate and there was no court packing.


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May 14, 2010
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Under Democrats it took 60 votes to end a filibuster for a Supreme Court nominee, as these nominees were excluded from their nuclear option. The Republicans under Trump came up with their own nuclear option, lowered the number to 51 for Supreme Court nominees as well. I have no problem with either but would rather provide all our senators and representatives with clubs and watch them knock each other out.


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Jun 27, 2019
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In 2016, the Republicans won the Presidency. They had clear majorities in the House and Senate. Did they even talk about packing the court or limiting its powers? Democrats are already fantasizing about changing the rules before they have any majority other than the House. They changed the rule regarding the 60% percent majority to get political activists on the bench and are only upset because it blew up in their faces. They constantly talk about getting rid of the electoral college so California and New York can control the entire country. The 60% majority rule was to encourage Presidents to nominate more moderate judges so a President who's party had even a small majority in the Senate couldn't get far left or far right political activist judges on the court as easily.

Mitch McConnell's words after the Democrats changed the rules, eliminating the 60% majority rule were prophetic.

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I agree it was not court packing , when a justice retires or dies the Presidents job is to replace them, if its a choice that that is not capable of being confirmed due to a senate lop sided majority then so be it if the other party has a majority and confirms the choice so be it , thats how the system works. we have 9 justices and thats enough ,
democrats are hoping that if joe wins and they can take control of the house and senate they can put more in , this is not something I approve up.
9 justices are more then enough to assure a fair judgement and get a wide variety of opinions and arguments .
The issue is that Democrats do not want fair Judgements, they want judgements that push radical left positions.
When Roe was decided in the 70's they probably couldn't have gotten 10 members to vote for a law that legalized killing a baby in the womb.
But - they could get 5 people who never had to answer to the people to make that law from whole cloth.
There are many like that - that's just the most notorious one.
In my lifetime the Democrats have used the courts to govern against the majority in almost every victory that they have gotten.


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Mar 3, 2013
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I see a trend here...

does anyone else?

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