Immigration reform that liberal democrats agree on--LOL--This PHOTO says it all.


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Sep 15, 2008
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$Immigration reform that Obama would support.jpg

double click on photo to make larger---:lol::lol:

Well--to be honest-it's not just all democrats that appear to be for this--but a few republicans who are elected officials in southern states--seem to approve of this also. It's always about "saving" the Latino vote--especially during election years. John McCain has got out a real tough looking advertisement--LOL--while he is considered very missy mousy when it comes to the rubber meeting the road--on immigration reform. Arnold Swartznegger--with is state basically bankrupt--primarily because of illegal immigration--is adamantely opposed to doing anything--even making fun of Arizona. California is calling for a boycott on Arizona. Well--60% of the population in this country are in support of Arizona--so I think that California and other states calling for a boycott of AZ--probably shot themselves in the foot. Americans may just head to AZ this summer to spend their vacation dollars while kicking these other states to the curb.

They also don't seem to understand that there are millions of legal American latinos in this country--that do realise--we can't afford to support another country.
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