If you could only choose one podcast...


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May 7, 2017
Midwest - Trumplandia
...to listen to on a deserted island (with wifi, strangely) what podcast would you choose?

Would it be a news oriented podcast, true crimes, sports, or something else? I listen to a couple sports oriented podcasts now and then, but my favorite is The History of Rome.

So far I'm on episode 78, which I believe is roughly about 33 hours into it, which makes sense as most podcasts are less then a half hour. The series begins in 500 BC, and at present I'm about to ring in the first century of Rome, it is 98 AD and the short tenured Nerva (16 months) is about to be replaced by the greatest general of the day, Trajan. It's pretty riveting learning about the earliest western empire and the intrigue and murder that sustained it.

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