If You Are White and You're Sure You're Not a Racist Please Answer This

Have you ever engaged in any of the behavior above and if so do you consider yourself a racist?

  • No I've never engaged in any of the behavior above therefore I am not a racist

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  • No I've never engaged in any of the behavior above, just jokes, but I'm not a racist

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  • Yes I've engaged in some of the behaviors above but I'm not a racist

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  • Yes I've engagd in some or all of the behaviors above and I am a racist

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Sep 29, 2010
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I'm not white and I never engaged in such behavior but I was sometimes victim of it


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Jul 30, 2009
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My white privilege... I am not seeing it.

My first job I was 11 years old. I took over my older brothers paper route. I did this route for about 3 years. My parents made me save all but $1.00 per week I got to spend. I bought my first bicycle with this money.
By 13 I also mowed two lawns in the summer, and shoveled their snow in the winter.
At 15, there was a auto body garage down the street. After bugging the owner several times if he needed any help, he finally hired me to do clean up work after school. I did a good job, he also had some rental properties he owned so I started helping him doing some painting/minor repairs etc.
At 17 I started working at Captain D's restaurant after school my senior year to save money.
I was born in a trailer court.
When I was 4 my father got on at a GM plant. This changed a lot for us, we moved into a house but it was still only 2 bedrooms. We lived there until I was in the 3rd grade. I slept in the same bedroom with two brothers.
We then moved to a 3 bedroom house...which was awesome.

I am now 55 years old. The longest period I have been unemployed was 6 weeks since I was 11 years old. I have worked for every single thing I have.
Good post.
I was 6th of 12 children my parents had together. We grew up poor. All five girls shared a bedroom with two beds. The boys shared one bedroom with two beds. Some slept on the couch. Nobody gave us shit. I dropped out of school in the tenth grade. I worked shoveling snow, picking and selling catnip, cleaning motels, dry cleaners,. I got my GED at 21. Since then I received a certificate for computer and job skills and Associates degree in drafting and design. I worked a forklift in a warehouse, did seismograph work, cleaning service, bookkeeping, operational manager. I am now semi retired at 64. I work part time with my husband, who is a civil engineer. I do CAD drafting and help small communities obtain park and recreational grants. Anyone who thinks I benefitted from AA can kiss my lily white ass.


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Apr 12, 2012
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Many years ago, the argument was made that the Scholastic Aptitude Test ("SAT") was "Culturally biased." That is, the questions were presented in such a way that only "white" people got them. Black people were at a cultural disadvantage, and that's why their scores generally sucked.

The people who wrote the tests at ETS (all Leftist academics) were horrified, and did a complete "scrub" of every single test they publish, but could find only a few questions anywhere that could even arguably be considered "biased." When pressed, the accusers couldn't come up with a single example of a question on any test that placed any Black person at a disadvantage, so the "culturally biased" Narrative was put to bed for a while. The reason why Blacks do so much worse, on average, than everyone else was that they were, on average, academically inferior.

We see this same repetitive theme played out in a number of arenas today. We hear the expression, "mass incarceration." But wait...there are no mass trials, groups of people are not convicted, what means this "mass incarceration"? Give me an example of mass incarceration. Doesn't everyone get an individual trial - or individually negotiate a plea bargain, an intrinsic part of which is a guilty plea???

It turns out that, yes, everyone does get their bit of justice individually, and there is no such thing as "mass incarceration." Indeed, nearly all of the Blacks in America's prisons today are there because they, individually, pleaded GUILTY to some crime and were duly sentenced. And yet the expression, "mass incarceration," is still ubiquitous among Leftists, as though it were actually a Thing.

Another recent Leftist discovery is "institutional racism." What is Institutional Racism? Give me an example. Show me someone who was victimized by Institutional Racism, and how it actually occurred.

And again, they cannot come up with any specific examples of Institutional Racism; its existence must be inferred from the lack of Black representatives in corporate, institutional, and government agency leadership positions. But show me an example of a real Black individual who had the credentials to be taken in and to rise to the top, but failed due to her race. Sorry, can't do it. Like unicorns, they don't exist. There is no such thing as Institutional Racism. And yet it remains a major part of the Leftist lexicon.

Consider slogans like, "Hands up - don't shoot!" Turns out these words were NEVER UTTERED by Michael Brown, Jr., as found by a police investigation, district attorney's investigation, state attorney general's investigations and the investigation of the U.S. Attorney General, who happened to be Black. And yet, we still see that vacuous slogan on T-shirts today.

Worst of all is "Black Lives Matter." It is stated and shouted as though an indictment of every "white" person in the land. And yet, it positively BEGS the question, "Black lives matter to whom?" Certainly not to Black people. 90% of Black homicides are committed by other Black people, and even with the recent elevation of this phenomenon to stratospheric levels of public attention, the Black community continues its internal carnage as though oblivious to the political campaign being waged on its behalf. And the other question, unfortunately, is whether some Black lives matter at all. When some Black gangbanger is killed in a turf war at 2am in D.C., does that life matter? Maybe to his mother, but for the rest of the country, maybe "we" are a tiny bit better off with that particular ne'er-do-well at room temperature. Black lives matter? Prove it.

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