How do you get a torrent installed?


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Jun 18, 2009
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Well, while I am uncertain as to the legality of either discussing torrent sharing on USMB or of downloading torrents in whatever region you live in I think it is okay to point out the utorrent file sharing program which you can download legally for free and which has a built in torrent search function.

As for installing a torrented program, most come in the form of ISO or disc images which must either be burned to a disc for installation or mounted on a virtual drive. Just Google ISO mounting/installation software. Lastly, never under any circumstance download or open a torrent file that is zipped or compressed. Virus city, likely.

Personally, and in my experience, it's always better to buy the software rather than risk consequences from internet service providers or even law enforcement depending on your region/nation. And after all, someone worked very hard to code the program, so.
Well, I would except it's $300 dollars. I don't understand how torrents work :lol: Thanks for the info. Why are torrents illegal that seems stupid.
It's ummmm ... stealing.
Well, people make copies of cd's or get music I mean the same dif, yet everyone has done it in life. Obviously, I don't know how to do a torrent and won't be stealing otherwise this thread would not exist. But its stupid to be such a big deal go after human trafficker and terrorists.
People make copies of CD's they have purchased most of the time. Some make them for friends, an illegal act.

Copyright infringement is serious and the use of a torrent can only be explained as a desire to steal someone's work without paying for it.

Now that I've covered the ethics of torrents...

I disavow any knowledge of them.

I have burned many movies years ago.
I still have two case things full of them. At the time I justified the act because there was no good alternative available other than paying thru the nose to buy a movie, go see in theater and be disappointed yet again, or wait months for DVD rental.
So I pirated instead.
Now of course there are multiple streaming options I rent legally.
I hear you. I'm actually making no judgment call on this. None of us have clean hands. :beer:

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