Homeless in San Fran go on a poop strike


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Oct 31, 2012

San Fransisco - The Homeless are protesting the loss of the San Fransico 49ers by not pooping in the streets, a literal poop strike, much like how Ghandi went on a hunger strike back in the day. "How can I make a living with no poop to clean up on the streets?", complained one state worker hired to clean the poo. "They pay me $200,000 a year to sweep up this stuff, but with no poop to clean, what the hell, am I out a job?" "The streets have not looked this clean since our glorious President Xi visited this decrepit and systemically racist capitalist society we call the United States" said one citizen of San Fransisco. "As voters, all we can do is continue to vote for people to destroy this hellish right wing society." Others were more philosophical than that. "You can call me the poop Ghandi", said one homeless protestor. "He was my inspiration,................ that and heroin".
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