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Hillary’s Crest


Sep 23, 2010
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Consider a Monarchy, America
NOV. 5, 2016


Somebody should inform Count Nikolai Dmitrievich Tolstoy-Miloslavsky that America is a monarchy with none of the benefits. Tolstoy should be examining how Americans can get rid of their monarchy —— AGAIN.

Most colonial Americans surely believed they were cutting the umbilical cord tying the New World to Europe’s monarchies. Little did they know how many Americans would still be embracing Euro-drivel centuries later?

The US became a monarchy in everything short of American elitists sporting titles of rank. Just like in a monarchy, Americans do not own their homes because the government can confiscate them at will either through excessive taxation or eminent domain. In addition, the wealthy function as tax collectors for the government as did the land barons of olde. All taxes are ultimately paid by working people —— the serfs. That’s why you hear super-rich guys like Warren Buffett calling for tax increases —— tax dollars end up in his pocket one way or the other.

American homeowners are serfs allowed to live in a private residence only so long as they pay their property taxes; in fact, only so long as they pay all taxes because the government will confiscate a home in lieu of any delinquent tax. And just like a European monarchy, serfs can be forced to work harder for less simply by raising taxes. Fail to pay those higher property taxes and the serfs lose the roofs over their heads.​

America’s Founders gave the world one thing above all others. The Right to NOT work for monarchists. The XVI Amendment transformed America into a monarchy because the tax on income pays for it. Forget about every semblance of freedom and individual liberties for as long any form of government taxes labor.

There is one positive thing in the election should Hillary steal it. Crowning that shit-stained piece of garbage is just the impetus Americans need to repeal the XVI Amendment:


p.s. On the day Hillary got her party’s nomination she commissioned a crest for the House of Clinton. Her instructions stated that a whip, a rack, and a headless baby be incorporated in her coat of arms.

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