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Hero Spanish cop killed 4 Cambrils terror attack suspects, official says


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Aug 6, 2012
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God Bless him for doing his job and saving lives. I'm a little surprised they felt that this was the best response however, as he might have vital intel now gone. Regardless, he had to make a judgement and he clearly wasn't dealing with a librarian.

Hero Spanish cop killed 4 Cambrils terror attack suspects, official says

A heroic Spanish police officer on Friday single-handedly killed four of the five suspects who were believed to have carried out a terror attack in the Catalan seaside town of Cambrils, a senior police official said.

"Police jumped out the car and started shouting at the guy, he was saying something else, and then 'pop, pop,' a couple of shots and then he stood back up and then he stepped over the fence and he started like taunting and smiling," witness Fitzroy Davies told BBC Radio 4. “Then he carried on walking to the police and then they gave it to him again, a couple more shots, and then he fell to the ground and that’s when I decided to go.”

Catalan regional police official Josep Lluis Trapero said the incident was “not easy” for the officer involved. A total of five suspects were killed in the Cambrils terror attack, when a car rammed into a crowd of pedestrians, killing a woman and injuring five others.

All five suspects were reportedly wearing fake bomb belts, a tactic that has been used by terrorists in prior attacks, a U.S. government official told Fox News. The official said police cannot tell from a far distance if the explosive belts are real or fake. The suspects also carried an ax and knives in the car. Mossos police, Catalonia’s police force, tweeted one of the suspects slashed a person in the face before the terrorist was killed.


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May 19, 2012
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I assuming the fake bomb belts were the reason the police responded the way they did. They had no way of knowing they weren't an immediate threat.


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May 1, 2012
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“Kill all infidels and only leave Muslims who follow the religion.”
August 22, 2017

Daniel Greenfield

Cambrils, Spain.

The road to September 11 wended its way through this Spanish town where Mohammed Atta, the lead hijacker, met up with Ramzi bin al-Shibh, the former refugee to Germany and current Gitmo inmate, who had been serving as Osama bin Laden’s point man for the attacks that would kill thousands.

The hotel where Atta and Osama’s man met is a few blocks away from where the Muslim terrorists climbed out of their crashed car, drawing knives, axes and machetes, before a police officer working overtime to earn extra money shot most of them dead on the spot outside the Club Nautic.

The distance between where Atta was planning 9/11 and the latest terror attack in Spain is 110 meters. Stroll past a pub, a hair salon and a real estate agency in this seaside resort town and you’re there.

Cambrils hadn’t been the original target of the terrorists. Their dream target was the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona. When their bombs went off prematurely, they went to Cambrils and Las Ramblas in Barcelona because it was likely to have foreign tourists that they could run over, stab and mutilate.

The consistent pattern of the big Islamic terror attacks in recent years, from the Boston Marathon to the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, from Bataclan to the Manchester Arena, from the Champs-Élysées to London Bridge, is to look for nightlife spots or crowds of tourists all packed into the same place.

The Sagrada Familia, which at completion will be able to hold 14,000 people, would have been a target closer to the scale of September 11. When Pope Benedict arrived in ’10, 6,000 people were able to fill the cathedral. Around 10,000 visitors tour the building every day. Had the terrorists been able to move their original plot along, the way that Atta and Al-Shibh did theirs, thousands might have died.


Islamic Invaders Plotted Another 9/11 in Catalonia

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