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Here Is What Hillarycare Can Do To You

red states rule

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May 30, 2006
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Here is what Hillarycare is doing over there? How many of you want it here?

Maternity meltdown

by RACHEL ELLIS - Last updated at 16:04pm on 2nd April 2007

A shortage of midwives, coupled with budget cuts, means that over-strectched maternity units are struggling to cope

At first Annette Armstrong wasn't planning to have her mother present at her baby's birth. But she came round to the idea - after all it would be nice to hold her hand during the labour.

It turned out to be the 'best decision' of Annette's life. For it was her mother who ended up having to deliver the baby - without her, says Annette, there is a chance her baby could have died.

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