Heh heh...gotta brag!

I am DONE Christmas shopping... :funnyface

I love the LTD catalogs...:thup:

Dang, I thought I was doing well today, coming home from Costco with wrap, bows, tags, and cards. :coffee3: I've bought like 8 presents. Only ??? how many more to go? :laugh:
A Ferrari. It's in my closet!

Uh huh. Does it look like this?

A woman after my own heart, catalog/online shopping:beer:

No parking lots, no crazy shoppers, and, you can do it in yer jammies:D
i did it while the kids were napping no less!

I admit, I will still be going out to the malls for the atmosphere and just to get out of the house. I am also going the day after Turkey Day just so I can hit the sales for stuff I want and maybe extras of goodies to send to my grandma. Bath & Body works has super deals from 6am-9am and my grandma loves that store but she's 250 miles from the nearest one. So I usually take a list of what she wants and that is her birthday gift, even tho her actual bday is March.
I usually get the bulk of my shopping done in Nov. and leave Dec. for stocking stuffers. If I buy them to early my husband, who gets in the spirit the week before Christmas, wants to buy more.

I'm a little concerned this year since I only have 2 people done and it's almost Nov. :( Not having a job is putting a damper of my shopping

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