Happy Birthday, Michelle! From the Trump Administration


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Sep 28, 2016
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Kids eat at school. Why do you want to feed them unhealthy food?

A lot of kids come from homes where their parents can not afford healthy food options. You want to take away money from these parents.

I guess poor people are not allowed to have sex or children?
And they dont have ID either so they cant vote.....derp
They have IDs. They might not save a special photo IDs you demand to depress the vote.

For you to obtain a job legally you must provide two forms of identification...

To rent a place you must provide a photo identification.

To open an account you must provide a photo identification.

To drive you must have a photo identification...

See where this is going?

In all legal transactions from buying beer to renting you must provide a photo ID in most cases and yet you do not want Pedro to provide one when he is voting as John Smith while voting Democrat...
So you think people without photo IDs can not live anywhere & can't have a bank account?

If a 16 year old kid gets his first photo ID driver license, how did that happen?

Are you stupid or just lying?

10-12% of eligible voters have no acceptable photo IDs. According to you, they have no bank accounts & live no where.
Why not look up the requirements for a State ID and then look up the requirements to open a bank account or rent a place legally!

Noticed the word legally which you will ignore and why?

Simple, you know people rent illegally and just want to pretend that ID is not needed from driving to working.

Get real if you believe those that work without ID or rent without ID are doing so LEGALLY!
I have looked them up & that is why I know you are full of shit.

Again, we are talking about photo ID & I see you are now saying ID.

Harry Dresden

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Dec 15, 2008
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that little piss ant lunch aint going to have much of an effect on those kids.....quite being a dipshit dave...
You just can't admit that a healthy lunch would be better a than an unhealthy one.

You are either just being a smart ass or actually are dumber than shit.
you are being a smart ass or dumb, to think that that little fucking lunch is going to do a lot of damage to a kid....get real dave....
One third of the kids meal is crap & you think it is OK?
dave many of those kids come to school after eating a bowl of mostly sugar .....and over eat at home or have a high carb dinner and you are worried about a tiny school lunch?.....what they eat at home matters way more than that tiny little lunch.....im sure you know this but you want to blame trump for something....
So give even more.


Trtump IS to blame for allowing schools to serve less healthy meals.
you cant be this dense dave....well maybe you are....


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Mar 15, 2019
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Eating right needs to be practiced 24-7 if you want good results. You can't serve nutritious school meals 5 times a week and think that constitutes having a healthy diet. Having said that, eating right, even if it's only 5 times a week, is a good thing. But people have to realize that al the good from eating right in school can easily be negated during the rest of the day. And it certainly didn't help having a morbidly obese lady as the face of the program.
So if they are not eating healthy at home, we should add to that at school.

And as far as morbidly obese, look at your fat assec orange leader
I'll give you 1o strokes and Obama against the man. Let's see how your skinny sissy boy holds up. Obama has a better chance of beating the shit out of Michelle than he does of beating Trump in golf.


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Aug 25, 2009
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Every day...the blob reminds us that he is a classless bore. It also reminds us of what a wonderful man, father, and President Obama was.

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